The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization…


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Since the invention of search engines on the internet, it is common knowledge that when your website has a good ranking on the first and second pages you will get more visitors clicking to your website compared to competitors.

Search Engine Optimization is the technique of making certain changes and applying certain factors to get your website ranked on these pages.

Many companies promise that they can get you into first page results on popular search engines but none can guarantee this, while there are many scam artists around making idle claims that they can guarantee it.

From 30 to 80% of websites are found through search engines and good search engine optimization techniques can make the spiders that crawl sites for the search engines look favourably on your website and make it rank higher than competitors.

Search Engine Optimization

Research has proven that most people will not look beyond 4th-page results and if they do not find the answers they seek will try another search term similar to what they were looking for,.

Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines are the top ones online and search engine optimization should be done with these in mind.

It is no easy task and thousands of articles have been written to help webmasters but no one knows the real secrets of search engine algorithms than the search engine owners themselves and they are not sharing.

How to optimize your website in simple ways.

Search engines have become savvy reading websites like humans would so that means they will be looking for quality informative content that is relevant to searches.

Search engine optimization means making sure your site gives visitors what they were, looking for and your website should be designed for your visitors and not for the search engines a mistake many people make.

Keyword stuffing cheating with back links and useless badly written content will get you penalized right off.

You need to know that all search engines will spider or crawl the internet or world wide web and automatically index your website based on their own secretive algorithms, and these are constantly changing making SEO companies frustrating and leaving them scratching their heads

Alternative solutions for getting exposure for your websites are using pay per click advertising where you bid on keywords relevant to your site. Even this has become complex and you can spend a lot of money for nothing.

Search Engine Optimization

To get well ranked in search engines my advice is simple and that is to maintain a website with fresh well written relevant content and good links to other relevant sites with high page rankings.

You could add some RSS feeds in your sites so that the content is always fresh and new articles are submitted to keep visitors seeking what you are offering interested while the search engines satisfied.

Search engines are always looking for freshly updated information, good linking, and relevance to search enquiries.  If you need fresh content then contact us at Ritcor because we cater for providing fresh content for your website without breaking your bank account.